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You play as Arthur, the new keeper for the lighthouse on the Pale, an abandoned island off the coast of Maine. Unlock the mysteries of the island's dark past in this 90s inspired survival-horror!

For dev logs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHtZk6aBHGOMUSeJ8srxnXA

The Pale is an oldskool, atmosphere-first PSX style horror game straight outta the 90s. It's locked to 240p (please do not adjust your television sets) with a crisp 4:3 aspect ratio.

The demo is the first full act of the game, it's about an hour of playtime.  If you really want to, there is an optional donation of $4. The full release is planned for 2023.

You can support by simply playing the demo and leaving feedback on the discords (https://discord.gg/Rvx2xfjnTT) to help guide development, but if you want to throw a coffee my way, the patreon is https://www.patreon.com/vide01 :)

We have renamed the project due to a conflicting game on itch also called 'The Keeper'. This game is now called... The Pale (the runner up when it was first named).


Developer Log:


Bug reports:

This is the first time lots of people have had their hands (and systems) on the game. This is insanely useful as we can catch all the unforseen errors that can pop up. If you bump into any, please let me know on the discords on the #demo-bugs channel!


NEW VERSION LIVE. Download version 1.51 if you have downloaded the demo previously.


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Development log


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this was so awesome:)

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This was fantastic! 
Great controls, VERY good atmosphere and use of camera angles!

Only complaint:

The scenes between Arthur and Sarah could be a bit shorter for me (lots of text with hardly any camera movement). I first thought "eh" in the boat scene and was blown away when arriving at the coast, seeing all the details, lights etc. But that may just be me.

Really cool game honestly, kept me intrigued with the little details like the journal and dialogue to the bigger ones like the chain and the big scare. Lovely work anyways best of luck on the full version! If you wanna see my playthrough check here - 

Sadly, I can't seem to post my full response here (might be too big?). Here's a link to my impressions of the demo...

I run the Fixed Camera Appreciation Society on Steam - please let me know if we can help promote your game in any way (eg. we'd be happy to put out an announcement to our members about your demo here on Itch).

Again, thanks for that folks. The second I touched that generator I knew I was in for a blast. =D

Nice subtle detail of more and more bodies rocking up. I knew something horrible was about to happen and I was still so unprepared when it did! Keep up the good work!

the island of the pale favors a solidary existence fleeting from ones troubles only to encounter new mind disturbances

paths woven by twisting alcoves summon simple tasks for a determined venture

forward looking the expanding visions of a more deeply connected aphorism we flee for next summons


Oh this was very good, so many questions, and so much wanting to play the full version! The scares, the atmosphere, the design, the sound, all of it was fantastic! Wonderful job! 

I'm a sucker for PSX styled horror games and it's great to know that the immense creative talent necessary for building a game that could rival its honorary predecessors hasn't been lost.  The inspired nuances are everywhere, from sound design to character creation; fixed camera angles and stilted movement are nothing but nostalgic and very well done. You've undeniably gifted me with something positive to look forward to in 2023... 

* GLITCH: when standing directly next to a door while browsing the items menu the game will have Arthur proceed through the door (via sound cue) and a black screen will appear requiring a restart to continue playing as normal. 

Hey folks, just a note that the Discord link above appears to be expired!

Thanks for the heads up

Wow!!!! Great demo!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the full game!! I like this vhs vibe.

wowowowow! I had a BLAST playing this demo! I'm 100% buying the full game when it comes out! The story is already amazing and atmosphere is perfect! I will say sometimes the controls can be weird but I willingly looked over than for such a fun experience! If you wanna see my blind reaction here's a video! i would appreciate any support! 

JUST STARTING THIS AMAZING GAME AND ITS WONDERFUL THIS IS JUST PART 1 THO CAN鈥橳 wait to explore the light out and I put my previous gameplay of The Keeper in the Description so you guys can also check that out and I did an reaction of the trailer and then we Continue on playing the actual Game so please give me a like you don鈥檛 have to subscribe but if u do I will really appreciate it but all I ask is can you guys like the video other than that I say thank you guys and thank you VIDE01 for making this incredible game and taking your time we all very much appreciate you very much 
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I am so excited for this one, you nailed what makes psx good horror , thank for this!

Full Demo NO Commentary 

This game atmosphere is really great. Support the author to hope that the official version of the game will be released soon in 2023!

Very fun game it had a really nice vibe to it. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Great Demo!! Can't wait for the actual Game!! 

really enjoyed this game! very reminiscent of silent hill and old RE games, there is still so many questions to be answered at the end of this demo, i feel like the chains weren't holding the ghouls down there in the ocean, the end of the chain looked like a collar like a BIG collar, i think that it was holding a cathulu type monster and the ghouls were something to do with it, but im sure it will all be revealed in the full game which im really excited to play!, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys!  


Great demo! I was kinda fumbling around during the 1st half, trying to figure out what to do. But damn, it gets creepy as hell in the 2nd half. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for the fun!


Just played the first 20 minutes or so and I LOVE IT! It has this old-school RE1 vibe to it I adore so much ... GREAT game, looking VERY MUCH forward to the full version!


A very intriguing story and horror aspect. The chain part was comedy gold. A great game.


This is soooo rad! Perfectly captures that PSX nostalgia. I loved the third-person fixed-camera angles-- even the tank controls were a nice touch. The music was superb and worked well at enhancing the already grim, disquieting atmosphere. I'd say this demo is very well put together and that bodes well for the finished project. Definitely 5 stars. Keep it up!

P.S. The only thing I'd add to the game is maybe a heartbeat/health bar in the inventory screen. Also, some of the interactable objects didn't respond the first couple of times I tried to touch them, as if their "hitboxes" were too small.

Where do you think you gonna publish? I want to add this on my wish list and buy it late


Holy i freaken loved this game man i cant wait for your guys full game to come out, Such a good story to i love these type of horror style games keep up with the good work :)



WHOA! I totally fell in love with The Pale. Love the mood, the visuals, the sound design, the story... it's so classically GOOD. You folks are amazing. The project MUST go on!!!


cant wait for the full game to be released!!! i love everything about this game. but i did run into a glitch when i was getting chased by the dead people i ran inside the light house and came out i wasnt getting chased by the dead people which i had  to load the game again. amazing game thought thank you for having a blast playing the demo.

Hey man, great letsplay! Thanks for finding that glitch, it's a big help :)

np glad i could help. 

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馃拃 THE PALE馃拃 -馃敶Silent Hill PS1 Styled馃敶 -馃幃Indie Horror Game馃摵 (Espa帽ol Argento)


Very good suspense


Just by witnessing the Chain 'cutscene' I was stoked to see what else the game had in store for me as a buff in the horror genre, absolutely loved the direction and ambiance the game gives off. Excited to hop back in later. 


Really promising game. 


Interesting game, got climat of the Silent Hill. But during game I encountered two bugs. First when I read Pete's note, pressing E button again in different spot, triggered note again. Second, when I picked up Toolbox I couldn't leave building, needed to restart.

Thanks for the feedback Snadli. I'll add them to the list.


Hello, I played this game and it was great! I loved everything about it, the only thing which bothered me was a bug where I got stuck at the door and had to restart but aside that I had a fun time playing through this, good work :)

Thanks Stella! What door was it, if you don't mind my asking? Better still if you have a screenshot that you can share on the bugs channel (https://discord.gg/HnrjKjQ9)

You can check in the video it's at the 4:28 mins into the video, when I turned around and interacted with the door it didn't let me move after that.


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I think you should have an option for reporting bugs outside of discord. Simply a link to a google form would work. Find it strange how I have to join a discord server to report bugs but hey, that's just me.


This was such a creepy game. You did an amazing job at making it feel like an old school survival horror game. Great work! 


Very good game... I look forward to the full release!


Very very very good! Instead of saying how amazing it is (because it really is), let me give you constructive feedback:

  • Cap FPS (mine was too high)
  • Ending to the demo was a bit lack luster (I managed to wiggle past and it just ended)
  • Pace out the days longer, went from 0-100 quickly (although I'm sure that will change in the release)

Other than that I'm super excited on seeing it released! Well done :)


There really aren't enough new survival horror games. Overall this was really interesting. Great story...creepy atmosphere.. even some humor thrown in. I liked it a lot!


Fun Demo, it鈥檚 looking really interesting with the story, especially that we already start off with the mystery of the giant chain (Swear it鈥檚 a shackle restraining something) and the hoard of bodies wash ashore. I am getting the same mystery vibes like Silent Hill with the possible reason why you are on the island.

Only had one bug, right at the end during the bridge collapse I was walking on air. I am God now. I claim dominion over the Skinless.

Looking forward to the full release, will be watching out for it.


Any Youtube channel to follow you?


nice scary and vibes psx but think need fix.

Hey videoreview. Working on a fix for this now.

The game is designed to be locked at 320x240p. Do you have 3rd party software likc borderlessgaming running that manually changes the resolution of game windows?


dont know... think next version make option set video :D

Yeah, the next update contains a way to make what happened to you impossible. I'm gutted you had to play such a broken version.


no problem . i like to help dev their games better. take it easy


This lighthouse..reminds me some place in SILENT HILL 4. 

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